• We have developed extensive training programmes and given courses to more than 36 entities. We use all available channels and adapt to each group’s needs. In total, more than 38,000 participants have been trained online and over 12,000 hours of face-to-face training delivered. We provide distance learning, face-to-face learning, Blended training and Workshops.
  • We currently focus our training services on professional knowledge accreditation. This allows our customers to:
  • Save on training
  • Act as a needs analysis for future training
  • Use assessment for human resources purposes
knowledge certification
  • Managing Financial Entities is a complex activity, subject to changes and regulations, both national and EU. Not only a knowledge enhancement is expected, but also a certification of that knowledge.
  • We develop certification schemes in different areas and subjects. These are designed to meet the specific needs of each group and entity.
  • If the entity does not have certification guidelines, PFS can help formulate them, based on our broad knowledge of the sector.

Directors and Senior Management
Compensatory training
  • We have designed a programme that we automatically / always adapt to the complexity of each entity so that each of them benefits from an effective solution. This programme includes various modalities, multiple levels of implementation and different durations.
  • We organise individual support sessions and we help strengthen strategic risk management knowledge and skills for the directors and senior management staff.
  • Independently or complementary to the training programme, PFS offers a certification in the risks area. Each participant is assessed individually, with the most relevant aspects of each area addressed.
Board of Directors Area
  • Private online space including helpline, content management, news and relevant updates, information related to risk management, financial regulation, supervision and more.