The evolution of pfs and the contribution of AnaCap


08 February - 2 min lectura

pfs is focused on the credit lifecycle process, which means that we cover with technology and data everything that usually the financial institutions, banks, creditors, all the things they need in order to cover and optimise their processes. We have these software products, models, analytic capabilities and with all that we deliver is that improvement in the process using our own products. We want to improve their processes and make them feel that we are helping them to be more efficient, but not changing their business, not changing their strategy.

2023 has been an interesting year. We have expanding a lot outside of Spain. So our international expansion has experienced a growth of more than 40% and the year has been a very good year, if we talk about margins. One of our main points was making a transformation in our processes, trying to avoid these ad hoc or let’s say custom development projects and focusing only in own products projects and improving margins, usually you have good results and the stakeholders generally are very happy with that.

Last year in 2022, we made an important acquisition that was strategical for us, because we bought a company called Kineox and that company was expert in everything related with omnichannel digital collections. Kíneox had a very interesting pipeline before the acquisition and what we have made is, how to take advantage of that pipeline and the customers that we have in both companies trying to cross sell and upsell.

The main reasons to choose Anacap where first of all, they know perfectly the market where we are working and the kind of market that our customers have. And the second point was that we wanted to have a financial partner like AnaCap, but we wanted them to be in a shareholder position, not with a majority, so in this case with a minority, and I think they are really happy too because we have been working as a team.

14 years ago we were 6 people and we were less than a million revenue and of course only Spain. So at this moment we have a multinational company with 12 different countries, more than 600 people. So it’s completely different. And the point is with that kind of partner you really make the company perform as a big company. So that’s that’s really the point and they help you to improve that kind of processes that usually you are not focus on when you really are only focused on customer selling growing and that kind of points and I think that has been an interesting learning process for us too and we are still taking advantage of it.

I believe that 2024 is gonna be an interesting year with a lot of changes we together AnaCap and pfs, we have an interesting pipeline of M&A targets and in 2024 the international expansion is going to be very important for us again. So in my opinion, no one is expecting having a relaxed year.