Tax Recovery

We improve your performance through tax efficiencies.

We improve your efficiency through Data

Through individualised studies of an entity’s judicial and real estate portfolios, we are able to obtain refunds of taxes paid by applying all the options allowed by the regulations.

Specialisation in court fees and taxes associated with real estate (IBIs , ITP and capital gains).

Advantages of the Data Driven approach

  • Successful work. We only charge if there are results.
  • Claims presented in a short period of time.
  • Integral follow-up, guaranteeing full reconciliation of income.
  • Control of compensations and unique situations.
  • A process fully documented and supported.
  • Success rates currently over 80%.

You can improve your bottom line with a data-driven approach to managing your taxes

We help you to pay only what you are entitled to.


Spanish Credit Institutions

Spanish company with an important portfolio of properties in which a relevant number of sales transactions take place.

We were commissioned to review their capital gains tax payments. A new process has been established and in the last 6 month:


Over 5M€ recovered in tax charges


Over 1.300 refunds still to be paid