Plan estratégico 24-26

All objectives for 2026 are aimed at increasing the value of the company. They are supported by growth in revenue and margin for the corporate and retail verticals in the financial and non financial sectors, along with geographic expansion:


Increase the revenue

Increase the revenue for Tech & Data to over 50M €, aiming for a 80% recurring revenue or higher, with direct income from our Intelectual Property products above 80%


Increase in EBITDA

Increase in EBITDA to 40% of revenue, with investment/capitalisation in key products and projects under 5% of revenue, with a conversion to net cash generation of 70% of cash EBITDA

From the perspective of the goals that allow increasing the company’s value multiplier by more than 30%, thanks to improving its qualitative terms:


Organic Growth based on:

Operational Excellence


New customers



Strategic inorganic growth based on:

Complete catalog

Expand geographies

Commercial synergies