Software for
law firms

We streamline tasks and facilitate the day-to-tday running of law firms with our expert software for the legal sector that brings together all file information at a single glance.

We bring integral digital transformation to your law firm.

Thanks to our software for law firms, we streamline processes and digitise manual tasks, thus saving time for our clients, as well as increasing their professional prestige.


  • Simplify the management of your office with digital management from a single platform, which allows you to see all the file information at a glance.
  • Enjoy more than 1.500 standard models ready for you to use, modify and configure according to your needs.
  • Connect with all LexNET options and manage your notifications with Vereda, JustiZia, Avantius, eJusticia, etc.
  • Includes a module for calculating legal costs from which you can calculate legal costs without errors in one click.
  • Work with licenses outside YOUR office, pointing to the data on your own server.
  • Streamline your legal procedures with a 100% online service.
  • Manage your legal and documentary files efficiently and in the cloud.
  • You can check if you comply with the Data Protection Law with a 2 minute test.
  • Receive advice and personalised attention for the maintenance of your office.

Bring efficiency to your office to increase its professional prestige and performance

Use our software to take your office to the next level. Thanks to LexTools you will have all your files in a single tool, as well as different modules and leading functionalities related to the legal sector that will make your day to day work more efficient.


Legal Tools

An experienced solicitor wanted to streamline his legal processes and simplify his digital management with several different tools.

Thanks to Lextools Legal Tools, we achieved significant time savings in the management processes by unifying all its management in a single tool with all the required functionalities, thus increasing efficiency.

“Lextools is essential for the day-to-day running of any legal management, being a complete solution to current needs.”

Alejandro Juan Lozano Conesa (Lawyer)