RPA as a service

We have experience in process robotisation and a proven methodology that reduces implementation time and ensures the success of RPA as a service projects.


RPA as a service

With RPA as a service (RaaS) it is possible to enjoy the benefits of robotic process automation, freeing you from the purchase and installation of licences, the necessary infrastructure and the development, maintenance and operation of the robots.

With pay-per-use based on the complexity of the process, the number of robots used and their execution time, business users can easily run and monitor robots to automate processes increasing productivity, reducing errors and speeding up execution time.


  • Lower costs than an FTE.
  • Tasks can be done 24 x 7 x 365.
  • No software investment required (No capex).
  • No RPA knowledge or training required.
  • No dedicated infrastructure required.
  • Instant notification of task completion or unexpected errors.

What processes or tasks can be automated?


Standard digital data inputs

Stable and with few exceptions

Supported by several non-integrated applications

High volume or person/hours

High frequency

Susceptible to errors

With a short lead time

How can robots as a service help your business?


PFS Tech licenses and manages its own fleet of cloud-accessible software robots that can be quickly and securely deployed to be the digital extension of your workforce.

Some scenarios you can automate with these robots are:

  • High-volume, infrequent tasks (annual, quarterly or adhoc).
  • Operations that have a demanding maximum execution time or service level agreement (SLA).
  • Unexpected peak data extraction and insertion workloads across multiple sources and destinations.
  • Extending internal production capacity without the need to increase staff.

How does Robot as a Service (RaaS) work?

  • pfs will work together to understand and analyse the processes you want to automate.
  • pfs will design, develop, deploy and test the workflows that the robots will automate on its own infrastructure in the cloud.
  • The pfs robots will do the rest, executing the processes according to the schedule you assign to them.
  • Pay-per-use per process based on different variables.

Use cases


Employee additions and removals, selection of candidates, payroll generation, time management, preparation of timetables, training management, filling in forms for official bodies: Social Security, ID… Preparation of reports, surveys and automation of the downloading of specific reports.


Bank reconciliation, download/validation of invoices, validation of budgets, payment processing, download of bank receipts and automation of notifications of late payments.


Event scheduling, materials approval, campaign management, proposal creation and sales control.


Device ordering, service provisioning, IT support and help desk, employee on/offloading, systems and internal processes.


Product approval, supplier control, material and service request and quality processes.


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