Reexdoc® data mining with Machine Learning models

We automate data extraction to increase your company’s performance

Reexdoc® is a powerful cloud-based Machine Learning platform for data extraction, trusted by innovative global companies and easy to use.

Take advantage of the possibilities of Machine Learning with Reexdoc® to increase the productivity of your business


Reexdoc is ready for corporations and companies of all sizes


  • Achieve efficiency in management processes in a fast, agile and secure way, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Machine Learning.
  • Saves time and resources, eliminating manual data extraction and data entry.
  • Guarantees greater productivity in the teams, which are now dedicated to tasks of greater added value.
  • Provides greater control over data.
  • Eliminates paper and keeps all your data digitalised, up-to-date and in the cloud.
  • It is very easy to use, so no special training is required.
  • Increases the capacity of reception and processing of documents.
  • Extract specific fields or tables from PDF files and images in seconds.
  • Export extracted data to Excel or send it to ERP or many other integrations.
  • Fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and provides maximum data processing security through data encryption.

More than 600.000 documents processed through Reexdoc® in one year

Key aspects of Reexdoc®

We are not just another intelligent OCR solution on the market. We give you the solution to:

Automate without sacrificing accuracy

Manage information in an agile way

Simplify all manual processes


Achieve reliability in data extraction

Get outputs in different formats (Excel, CSV, JSON, xml, etc.)


Automate all types of documents: invoices, contracts, payrolls, bank statements, driving licenses, production notices, incorporation documents, passports, taxes, ID cards…

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