Provisions and Bank capital savings

Increase your capital ratio, recover loan loss and reduce your non-performing exposures by improving your data.

Improve your efficiency through Data

pfs has identified more than 30 areas of work in the loan portfolio data of credit and financial institutions that, once managed, become capital savings and immediate improvements in the income statement.

Proprietary methodology combining individual review of transactions with the application of advanced models. Experienced staff and proven results in most of the Spanish financial system.

Advantages of the pfs system for optimising capital and provisions

  • Work to success. Charged only if there are results.
  • Pre-diagnosis to validate data and identify savings.
  • Short-term results (first savings in two months)
  • No intrusion into day-to-day business. Uses information already available.
  • Process fully documented and supported before audit and supervisors.
  • Adaptable to any entity. Various options to focus on:
    • Improve Capital.
    • Reduce doubtful assets.
    • Recover provisions.

Data Driven Efficiency
Banks need to reinforce their capital and improve their income statement

Do not forget to try us, you lose nothing and all those who have done so, have had results and have repeated.


Spanish Credit Institutions

Data Driven Efficiency

Several Spanish credit institutions have achieved the following results in recent years:

  140.000 transactions adjusted to actual situation     
     More than 600M€ in reduction of doubtful balances     
  More than 200M€ in provisions recovered     
   More than 4.500M in weighted assets written down     


Portuguese Institutions

Data Driven Efficiency

In Portugal, the following results have been achieved in the last year:

  More than 23% of revised transactions adjusted in their data
  More than 150M€ of reclassified euros
  More than 20M€ in provisions recovered


Financial Institutions

Data Driven Efficiency

Financial institution dedicated to consumer finance:

  More than 23M transactions adjusted
  More than 80M€ of doubtful balances with impact
     More than 25M€ in provisions recovered