We make your company and your processes
more efficient

With our range of products and services we achieve a differential time-to-market and we start from business cases where success, from the point of view of efficiency, and the impact on results are proven and guaranteed.

Our own software catalogue

Includes our complete range of software tools. These are reference products in large corporations and we continually invest in updating and extending their functionalities.


Hyperautomation and Zero Backoffice

Includes our entire range of proprietary components, products and frameworks, fully integrable with the best solutions on the market and the corporate application map of each client.

Innovation, prototyping and user experience

Through our fast&smart methodology and our capabilities, we guide our clients towards the best solutions to their business challenges.

Digital transformation projects

Where we also have space to participate in the transformation of large corporations in a more adapted way and aligning technology with their needs and their own systems map.

icono software

Software for corporations

It is the technological reflection of our intellectual property, which we have materialised in: stand-alone software tools, in SaaS format, frameworks to accelerate the delivery of efficiencies, or innovative methodologies with proven success in the most demanding corporations.

icono software

Data Driven Efficiencies

Once again, we are different, this time, applying data analytics to achieve tangible results in the P&L of our clients.

Banking Capital and Provisions Savings

One of our flagships in Banking, we look at portfolio risk data with a different approach and... we release provisions, doubtful and capital, without touching the models.

Tax Recovery

Sometimes corporate processes are rigid and sometimes there are opportunities for legal changes. That's where we come in to help our corporate clients recover what was theirs.

Collateral traceability and conversion

In the complex dual world of financial and real estate assets, proper traceability generates great benefits. One more focus where we help drive bottom-line impact.

Optimisation for NPL portfolio sales

The market and regulation are pushing towards debt sales. The quality, enrichment and structuring of data creates direct value on portfolios. And there we are again.

Calculation of Court Costs

Costs Calculation is our flag to help litigation professionals break down a now classic, uncomfortable and costly barrier.

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Software for law firms

Includes the different on-premise and cloud versions of our ERP for law firms and solicitors.

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Data protection for law firms and SMEs

The protection of personal data is a compulsory subject for businesses that process it. Avoid fines and guarantee your clients your professionalism and quality of service.

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icono software

Platforms for SMEs and professionals

Our most open and accessible version of digital platforms for a demanding and successful business public, with a closer and less corporate vision.

icono software

Legal Services

Loyal to our purpose, we have transformed, using software and giving a digital platform format, the legal processes, turning them into an accessible and economic service.

Digital platform procura

With 3 different formats and the highest quality, we provide a solution throughout the territory and unify data, control and invoicing.

Defence of corporations in lawsuits and mass claims

Again, with our efficient vision so that corporations do not suffer higher costs with the management of these situations.

Debt recovery

With a focus on integrating our legal services with debt recovery service platform.


Technology as a lever for the generation of value through data processing, information extraction, knowledge management, collaborative spaces...