Process Mining

Process Mining is a process analysis method for obtaining information about processes from data in IT systems.


How does it work?

It analyses the process centrally from its historical or real-time data, irrespective of the number of systems involved.


Initiate process mining practice to discover inefficiencies and improve productivity in a short time, from the real behaviour of your processes, and without the need for complex, costly and time-consuming consultancies.



Streamline your processes It provides a quick and easy method to understand and improve processes.


Native integration with the main business management systems to facilitate the extraction of information.


Streamlines the implementation of analytics Provides multiple ready-to-use analytics for the most common processes (order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, etc)


Intuitive Makes simple and intuitive tools available to analyst users to easily analyse process inefficiencies.


Continuous information in processes Everyone can benefit from real-time information, act quickly on unwanted changes and make improvements.

The process mining cycle

Thanks to Process Mining, we provide a quick and easy method to “control” and improve your processes. We make process mining available to business users; so everyone can benefit from continuous information on their processes, act quickly on unwanted changes and make improvements.


Data transformation (ingestion)

Collects information from information systems and transforms it into events.


Process analysis

Analyse and investigate the process to get a deep understanding of those GAPs (points of improvement).


Continuous improvement

Continuous review of the process allows us to find opportunities to reduce operational risks, improve performance and save costs…

pfs is a partner of the main existing process mining tools


It is the leading tool according to analysts, and allows through its EMS engine to act on certain configurable alerts.


This is the solution of the UiPath RPA Suite, the leader in RPA hyper-automation technologies. Fully integrated with other UiPath products, facilitating and speeding up the construction of automations from analysis.


It was born as an incubation and technology transfer process from CiTiUS. With more than seven years of experience, they have developed an agile and flexible software that adapts to companies from different sectors and/or departments.

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