Optimize Debt Collection®

ZeroBackOffice® is a suite of solutions that allows the hyper-automation of the black office processes of insurance companies; and its ODC® solution provides our clients with a platform that defines and automates recovery funnels on the stock of unpaid policies or contracts during the day. Notifying customers in an irregular situation, and facilitating the payment of the appropriate amount through different methods.

Freeing up resources and restricting human intervention to the debt recovery email management solution.




The objective is the automation of the process through ODC®, in order to free up resources, automating the sending of emails for doubt recovery.


Reduction of human errors

Possibility of 100% automation of the current process, thus eliminating the possibility of failure in processes that are fully automatable.


Unification of communications

Avoiding errors resulting from islands of information and poor tracking of information in each file.

How to optimise?

Personalised communication routes

Modular solution that allows the configuration of different recovery itineraries with a high degree of personalisation of the follow-up of the actions carried out.

Integration with Recovery

Or with any other core… And through Recovery API allowing to cover the whole life cycle of the recovery files.

IA/ML Modules

For the optimisation of the most optimal recovery process, helping to increase the recovery rate and reduce the costs associated with the process.


Use of SMS and Payment Links

Customisable links that allow one-click credit card payments to your customers.

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