We increase the value of your loans and real estate portfolios through data

Maximise the sale value of your assets at all stages of a portfolio sale. Validated debtor data, guarantees, legal status and amounts, terms and recovery methods.

At pfs, we are specialists in identifying the risks inherent in a credit portfolio in its management.

Our teams are specialised in reviewing the formalisation documentation, novations, registry documentation, legal/bankruptcy file, appraisals and communication with debtors. This review allows us to identify the areas that will impact the recovery of the portfolio and their possible remediation prior to the sale in order to increase the value of the portfolio.

High value specialised services for portfolio sale   High Value   Greater Control   Lower Cost

We act at all stages in the sale of a portfolio


Initial Portfolio Preparation


Selection of high-value transactions


Data Room and External Due Diligence


Migration | On boarding Buyer


Post – Sale

We are able, with a small sample, to present you with a different value proposition.
Let us know in which phase you have problems and we will help you to solve them

Guaranteed results
Banks entities can optimise and update their portfolio data maximising its value.