N-trust® efficient management of powers of attorney

Manage all powers of attorney with a flexible, secure and efficient tool

The control of powers of attorney requieres complex management in which all legal requierements must be met and the proper functioning and validity must be ensured in order to reduce operational risks. N-trust® streamlines, simplifies and automates this control process.

Thanks to N-trust® you will have a structured register of powers of attorney, you will control the whole administrative process of the received and granted powers of attorney, or you will use metadata to help proactively in the decision making process, among other innovative functionalities.



  • Streamlines, simplifies and automates the process of control of powers of attorney, therefore reducing operational risks.
  • Performs operational management of granting, custody, authorisations and revocations of powers of attorney.
  • Allows the structured registration of powers, proxies, datees and validity.
  • Manages the powers received and granted, controlling the entire administrative process.
  • Identifies proxies and attributions through automatic text processing.
  • Allows the use of metadata to proactively assist in decision-making.
  • It is scalable and allows integration with HR departments, notaries or other areas or applications.

Key aspects of N-trust®



Allows the structured registration of powers of attorney, proxies and the dates of proxy and validity.

Efficient management

Allows the management of received and granted powers of attorney, showing a workflow for the control of the whole administrative process.


Intelligent processing

Identifies proxies and powers of attorney through word processing and optical character recognition.


Behavioural configuration

Allows the definition of status rules to adapt the lifecycle of proxies to the needs of each client.


Integration with third parties

It is a scalable tool that allows integration with Human Resources departments, notaries or other areas or applications.


Metadata Generation

Allows the use of metadata to proactively assist in decision-making: anticipation for revocations of powers of attorney, segmentation by geographical area and powers to undertake signatures on behalf.

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