Legaltech at the service of efficiency and operational quality

We build bridges towards digital transformation

The technology as a lever for the generation of value through data processing, information extraction, knowledge management, collaborative spaces…

Best practices from real use cases to develop a tailor-made solution

pfs supports its clients to identify, evaluate and implement the most appropriate solution to the challenge: RPA, Machine Learning models.

Our differential is the legal and technological mix, we combine the experience of being a law firm and the largest network of solicitors in Spain, together with the core of the company in the development of our own products and software.

All our solutions have been designed and tested by our legal teams, and our platforms and products are the technological reflection of our legal know-how.


  • Technological platforms and products created from internal legal know-how.
  • Legal Operations: legal activity as a business unit.
  • Integration with all types of ecosystems.
  • Reduced time-to-market.
  • Development of transversal solutions.
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Materialising investment, cost savings and client satisfaction


Automated reading and typing of judicial notificationsSmart calculator for the valuation of costs 360° legal managementCollaborative platform for the review of contractsReading and extraction of document dataMass management of proceedings

Automation of data recognition and extraction

Review of a large number of documents and processing of data derived from back office activity, due diligence, integrations, collective claims, etc.

MACHINE LEARNING MODELS+Reexdoc®, together with powerful image pre-processing to easily incorporate new documents and tagging functionalities to train and feed back the model.

Use cases for document types: simple notes, judicial notifications, invoices, payrolls, bank statements, etc.

Corporate innovation Laboratory

Identification of problems to develop alternative digital solutions.

  • New business models: creation and launch of new legal business lines.
  • Digital products and services: development of digital assets with impact in record time. Web, mobile, cloud native applications.
  • Prototyping + UX/UI + experiments: design and development of interactive prototypes that illustrate ideas to validate the user segment, market and value proposition through pilots and rapid testing.

RPA employing people to generate value

Robotisation in the service of repetitive, manual and low value tasks. We collaborate with our customers:

  • Identify processes: list processes with potential for improvement and their monitoring metrics.
  • Evaluation and prioritisation: according to complexity and efficiency generation.
  • Solution development: in terms of process efficiency and ROI.

Examples of legal use cases: codification and uploading of documentation to corporate systems, automatic generation of pleadings, payment of court fees, tracking of consignment accounts.

Legalagile® 360° legal management

Platform for procedural management, team organisation, communication with clients and business performance control.

  • Proactivity and productivity in the management of procedures.
  • Efficiency in asigning roles and management circuits, collaboration and traceability in communications.
  • Tangibility of the service through knowledge and communication with customers.
  • Optimisation of economic results with the analysis, control and management of business KPIs.

HUB Information

Fast and reliable answers for complex analysis, knowledge at the service of decision making.

  • Data consolidation: unification and cleaning of macro data from internal and external sources.
  • Interactive visualisation: navigable reports with filtering by multiple criteria.
  • Scalability of analysis: data connectors to exploit micro and macro information.


Digital platform for the management of granting, custody, authorisations and revocations of powers of attorney.

Complies with all legal requirements for information control and personal data protection.


Multiplatform for sending notifications and contracts in a secure and certified way with multiple validation and/or signature systems.