Legalagile® we make legal proceedings simple

360° management of legal proceedings

of different jurisdictions and typology, with business verticalisations especially focused on the management of the preparation of court files, debt claims, insolvency proceedings and procedures related to REOs.

It offers a wide range of components that you can customise to manage your legal proceedings in the most efficient, agile and simple way.


Savings of more than 35% due to less administrative burden



Proactive Management

Allows you to assign different management roles (lawyers, managers, supervisors, solicitors) and control compliance with all your deadlines and obligations.


Personalised configuration

Allows the coexistence of different operational models, and the definition of different management flows configurable by the user.


Complete reporting

Contains a dashboard for management control at diffferent levels of information, by portfolio, by type and category of procedure, by compliance with deadlines.


Data quality

Allows the recording and archiving of all the documentation of the procedures, allowing access to whoever is determined.


Expenditure control

Allows the recording of all expenses linked to the procedures.


Real-time monitoring

Identifies at all times the judicial status of proceedings, pending tasks and phases.


We have applied Legalagile® in corporations, obtaining tangible results in terms of cost and time savings, as well as improving the quality of documentation

Legalagile® Extensions

In addition to the global coverage, Legalagile® has specific extensions for:

Preparation for necessary legal dossiers to be submitted together with the lawsuit

A particularly relevant process in cases of debt claim proceedings, which involve actors of different nature simultaneously and make it difficult to identify who is specifically responsible for the delay in preparation.

Management of judicial debt recovery procedures

Management of judicial debt recovery procedures, allowing the pre-configuration of all judicial procedures, the specific development for the management of auctions and the control of guarantees or solvencies.


Processing and monitoring of Insolvency Proceedings in Spain

Having exact knowledge and control of the procedural situation of each insolvency, measuring the efficiency of its management and reporting correct and quality information on all insolvency proceedings.

Management of legal proceedings related to real estate assets

Allows the management and monitoring of legal proceedings and is responsible for resolving issues such as illegal occupations, recovery of unpaid rent, lawsuits filed by homeowner’s associations

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