Legal Management
  • As risk management and recovery specialists we provide services which help our clients optimise the recovery process at each of its stages. As part of our services we ensure that the manager is kept informed of any effects on management in order to be as integrated as possible and make use of those synergies which render a more effective and complete recovery. For this reason, our objectives are:
  • Recover even more with growing intensity, using a combination of pressure and focus.
  • Recover faster and earlier than competitors.
  • Respond promptly, reacting immediately and with precise solutions.
  • PFS’s legal service is comprehensive, as it integrates the management of the panel proceedings with the management of the attorney. Functions:
  • Integration of both functions into our technological platform applying the same quality standards throughout the process.
  • Dialogue with all external service providers as part of a single channel of communication.
  • National coverage in all judicial areas.
  • Follow-up and internal control, both procedural and extra-procedural.
Bankruptcy proceedings
  • PFS offers a comprehensive service, as it integrates the management of the bankruptcy proceedings with the management of the attorney. All activities related to presentations, writings, suggestion, incidental claim and meetings with bankruptcy administration (amongst others) shall be implemented following the clients’ instructions.

Procurator service
  • We offer this service independently of whether we provide or not legal services for the entitiesclients. This implies the capacity for representing the clients in all the matters they produce and distribute amongst their offices.
  • PFS assigns cases amongst attorneys according to the archetypes established by the entityclient. We also coordinate the payment to attorneys of potential provision of funds, supplies and minutes by according to thefixed criteria fixed by the client and verify the minutes issued by "PFS Procura", which. Payment is managed by the client is managed. Some of the programme’s main characteristics:
  • Diversification. Thanks to agreements signed with various partners.
  • Coverage. Procurator offices at a national level on a competitive basis.
  • Experience. All partners provide large experience on handling court cases.
  • Control. Allows direct multi-level supervision.
  • Off-load. Reduces administrative and management burdens for the entities.
Offices audit
  • PFS offers a monitoring service of the external offices which provide the legal services to financial entities, according to agreed deadlines, the number of external and/or internal professionals identified as well as and the number and type of procedures decided upon by each entity. Objetives:
  • Achieve the appropriate legal boost of all the procedures to be revised.
  • Evaluate the quantity of data that attorneys have entered into the systems.
  • Accelerate the updating of procedures immediately before reviewing.
  • Prepare short and medium-term collection estimates.
  • Provide an external opinion.