Innovation, prototyping and user experience


Waavi is the pfs disruptive innovation lab for established companies. Its function is to activate innovation and the generation of new digital business models by helping large companies to turn their challenges or business ideas into digital assets with impact. Waavi specialises in systematising innovation using uncertainty management methodologies. Experience going from business idea to digital product in 60 days or less.

Innovation as a service
corporate experimentation
Experiencia de usuario

End-to-end process

Our end-to-end process covers everything from the analysis and identification of business needs, challenges and opportunities, continuing with turning ideas and business challenges into impactful digital assets in record time, to the design, development or adaptation of digital solutions and products.
Innovación como servicio
Innovation as a service

Do you want us to help you activate innovation and think “outside the box”?

Innovation as a service

We look for and identify the challenges, opportunities and needs that business models have, through Innovation Workshops (such as Design Thinking), for the ideation of disruptive solutions with market impact.
Innovation Workshops | From challenge to solution

Activities customised to the needs of the corporation. We use digital tools that allow interactivity, collaboration and creativity, and we hold workshops of different types depending on the objectives set by the corporation.


  • Sessions focused on designing the innovation and transformation plan for large companies.
  • Collaborative and interactive workshops with the relevant people in the company
  • Spaces to accelerate ideation and find alternatives to organisational needs
  • Digital or physical sessions with a duration of less than 2 hours.


  • Identify all business and operational challenges and needs of the company.
  • Identify the company's strengths and opportunities.
  • Define the most priority innovation solutions for the company in the short term.
  • Present recommendations for innovative solutions by Waavi that are aligned with the challenges and needs of the company.
Typology of workshops
corp idea management
Corporate Idea
Idea Design
Innovation Consulting | From strategy to a new value proposition

Through a series of sessions of innovation, research and user-centred design techniques, we get the full context of the company’s environment, market and sector to locate the most advantageous business opportunities to impact the company’s turnover.


  • Understanding the client's business and sector.
  • Interviews and qualitative studies with users.
  • Analysing the market and competition.
  • Identify challenges, needs and market problems.
  • Transform insights into business opportunities.
  • Coming up with potential solutions and alternative solutions.
  • Branding and identity design creation.


  • Analysis of markets, sectors and companies.
  • Validated solution with value proposition and details.
  • Brand, sub-brand or fantasy brand and identity created.
  • Minimum profitable and viable market identified and validated.
  • Lean Canvas that visualises the business model.
  • Prioritised solution features.
  • High level Business Case landed and worked on together with the client.
Waavi specialises in the systematisation of innovation using methodologies for the management of uncertainty.

User experience design

The UX/UI Design team makes an impact on the client’s business, with the design of experiences for digital product and service solutions. Our UX Designers are in charge of finding an easy, intuitive and user-friendly way to solve a problem based on the needs and opinions of the users of a product or service. The focus is therefore on usability and analysis. Our UI Designers focus on digital product design, impacting on the user’s first visual impmression, the visual appearance of the interface, ensuring user navigation and actions are consistent at all times.


  • Market research:
    • Study direct and indirect competition.
    • Analysis of UX and UI trends.
    • Study of potential users through interviews and qualitative studies.
    • Study of reference solutions.
  • Analysis and definition of data sources for entry into the platform and integrations.
  • Definition of actions in each operation (different pages, sections and functional modules of the platform).
  • Any manual and automated workflow required by the system.
  • Adaptation of legal requirements.


  • UX/UI definition of the solution:
    • Design the information architecture in depth.
    • Define interaction flows.
    • Usability analysis.
  • Design of the platform screens:
    • Wireframes in low.
    • Design in high.
    • Prototype of the solution
    • Preparation of the handoff for programming.
    • Responsive adaptation to mobile and/or tablet.