IDP Intelligent Document Processing

Put the “eyes” on your automated process to read PDF documents or images to extract the fields your automated process needs with our self-built tools. Integrate our tool with your existing applications or automated processes to read documents, train your own documents easily and without technical knowledge.


What is IDP?

The IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) solutions use Machine Learning models to process all types of documents and feed other applications with the extracted data.


Read and capture data from different types of documents (PDF, images, scans)


Recognise and classify documents according to typology


Extract relevant information as output that is the input of other processes

Our tools as specialists

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Designed for automated recognition and extraction of information from documents using Machine Learning models.
Conceived to transform your document reading and data extraction processes and make them more efficient.

What do IDP tools provide us with?


Powerful image pre-processing

Pre-trained Machine Learning models

Data extraction/embedding

Tagging functionality

Outputs in various formats (XML, JSON, CSV…)

Integration with other technologies

Simple and intuitive interfaces


  • Streamline business processes by eliminating the manual extraction and insertion of data from documents
  • Increases the productivity of your teams
  • Reduces errors
  • Improve the efficiency and profitability of your processes
  • Improve the experience of the employee and client
  • Digitalise processes by reducing the use of paper
  • Automate end-to-end processes (by integrating with ERP and other applications)

Reexdoc® a pfs solution

Reexdoc® is an IDP platform designed for automated recognition and extraction of information from documents using Machine Learning models.

Capabilities of native or customised configuration

Connectors for inbound

Provides an email inbox for sending documents

Collect documents from directories(FTP, GDrive, OneDrive)

Ability to create new connectors tailored to your needs

IDP tool integrations

A system can be integrated with an IDP tool through its APIs, in a secure, agile and simple way.

ERPS and CRMRPABPM and LowCode Cloud Services Legacy systems Other systems

Connectors for outbound

Tailor-made validations:

  • Data normalisation
  • Checking against external DBs
  • Enrich information
  • Possibility to create validations adapted to the use case

Use cases

With our IDP Reexdoc® tool you can automate end-to-end processes:

Invoices, delivery notesCustomer ordersMedical reports Passports
Contracts and PayrollsBank statementsDriving licenses Curriculum vitae
Lists of prices, rates, taxes (IBI, Rubbish, IAE…)Work orders Internal company documents Identification documents (Passports, DNI, NIE)

Onboarding of clients: in unassisted onboarding processes, different types of documents are requested to register clients, such as ID cards, NIE, IRF model 100, Payroll, Retirement pension, etc. The IDP tool can extract the information from these documents during the process to facilitate and speed up their subsequent management.

All companies must incorporate purchase invoices to their suppliers in their management system. This task is usually done manually, copying the data of VAT number, invoice number, date, etc. by hand with the possible human error. The IDP tool can help you automate this extraction for subsequent incorporation into the company’s ERP.

Companies with a high volume of employees have to manage their employees’ medical discharge and sick leave reports manually. The reports are handed in by the employee in paper format and the data is manually entered into the HR system.

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