Hyper-automation and ZBO

Design and development of customised hyper-automation solutions

We empower the automation of any business process using a combination of RPA and other advanced technologies such as Machine Learning, Process Mining and chatbots to make companies more profitable, productive and sustainable.

hiperautomatización y zbo

The automation cycle ofui path

UiPath is positioned as one of the leading technologies in robotic process automation. It has a high capacity to automate complex processes, always maintaining safety levels and risks. It is agile and scalable as it is modular and extensible..
Discover | Opportunities of automation from users

  • Identify process inefficiencies.
  • Locate ideas in a common, collaborative repository.
  • Document your processes through workflow analysis.
Build | Automations quickly

  • Use different tools to build the robot.
  • Use IDP tools to extract information from the documents that enter the automation cycle. Reexdoc® and Abby
Govern | Manage, deploy and scale automation in the company

  • Visualise in real time on a console how robots are performing.
  • Introduce Machine Learning models to aid hyper-automation in decision making.
Execute | Automations through robots that work with your applications and data

  • Test the different executions to be able to group them and check their efficiency.
  • Provide internal data storage capacity in the automations.
  • Visualise business KPIs on the processes executed.
Collaborate | People – robot to complete end-to-end processes

  • Assist the user to launch the robot in a simple and usable way from their own computer.
  • Request the user via a web form or notification the action required for the robot to continue with the hyper-automation.
  • Access to a communication channel in which external users can interact with the hyper-automation.

Exponential efficiency in processes


The solution that allows you to extract data from your documents using Machine Learning models to automate end-to-end processes.
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Extract the most value from your employees, stop doing repetitive and tedious tasks that can be done by software robots.
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Process Mining

Know the productivity of your company’s processes in an automated way and speed up decision making in real time.
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Establish communication channels that interact with your customers, suppliers and employees that automate common tasks in a natural way.
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Zero BackOffice

The end-to-end solution with which we achieve operational efficiency for large companies.
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