Traceability of guarantees  and conversion of loans into real estate

Ensure the correct calculation of expected loss and the proper valuation of your loan guarantees.

The quality of data on guarantees is key for institutions

Guarantee data recorded throughout the life of a loan (origination, modification, foreclosure, real estate conversion and sale) is key to calculating the expected loss of a loan portfolio and complying with banking regulations.

Errors in the data can lead to penalties in the calculation of the required capital and in the estimation of loan loss provisions. This poor data quality also calls into question the consistency of the models developed for credit risk management. It also hampers the write-off and sale of real estate.

Capacities developed

  • Own methodology.
  • Specialised team.
  • Use of the institution’s internal systems in combination with public registers.
  • Rigorous control of the costs included in the supplies.
  • Execution.

Types of operations

  • Tracing of adjudicated (without loan origin, without registration data).
  • Bindings and revisions of guarantees.
  • Solving initially unsolvable appraisals (without data to obtain them).
  • Renovation of complex properties (perimeter difficult to sell).

Advantages of the pfs approach

  • High success rates. Between: 86% and 100% in traces, 96% and 100% in guarantees and 76% and 90% in valuations. More than 74% in hard-to-sell perimeters.
  • Cost linked to on the degree of success.
  • Proven reduction in the impact on the results of these assets.
  • Validation by audit and control areas.
  • Process adjusted to each entity and type of data.

Improve the status and data of your most complex assets and reduce their costs

We solve everything that others do not. Take advantage to improve your assets and your data.


Spanish Credit Institutions

Difficult-to-sell portfolios of banks treated.


Over 120M transactions managed


High impact of savings in results of more than 150M€


Increase in data quality to the level required by the control areas