eWORK® the flexible work tool based on management by objectives

Boosting team and business efficiency

eWORK® focuses on increasing the productivity and experience of all employees and teams by responding to the management of goal-driven people and OKRs with a transformational, differentiating, employee-centric, efficient and effective approach.


Boost your company’s productivity with one simple tool

Improve the performance of every employee and every team.


  • Provides each person in the company with their own panel of objectives and commitments, to which their manager has access, so that both work in the same direction.
  • It allows to set work, personal and company objectives, thus covering a correct work performance, but also actions associated with quality time outside the office.
  • The tool is linked to Google Calendar tasks, allowing each person to bring their commitments and goals into their work plan.
  • It facilitates the fluidity of work between teams, allowing new goals and commitments to be proposed.
  • Allows for greater team autonomy and a better work-life balance.
  • It shows a percentage of dedication to objectives, as well as a degree of compliance over time, which allows the performance of each person to be evaluated by themselves and by their manager.
  • It makes efficient use of company resources and facilitates the recruitment of staff without geographical barriers.

Achieve key results by tracking and updating objectives and commitments aligned with your company’s strategic plan


Key aspects of eWORK®


Improve employee and team performance

Reduces work overload

Improves communication


Promotes teamwork


Relaxes the high pressure for results


Provides a higher level of support


Aligns work with company objectives


Defines better prioritisation of objectives


Achieve a professional development plan


Provides flexibility and work autonomy

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