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Centralised service model and proprietary technology to guarantee the efficient transformation of procedural management. Network of solicitors who guarantee direct access and management in all judicial districts throughout Spain, as well as digital processing, to ensure the traceability of all proceedings.

Optimise your legal processes in the pfs PROCURA network

Agility, automation and consolidated processes. Coordination, single interlocutor to centralise communications, notifications and invoicing. Quality, partner-procurator in all locations.


  • Flexibility through different Procura models
  • Simple and dedicated interlocution
  • Traceability of all actions
  • Up-to-date and validated information and documentation
  • Reports tailored to the needs of each portfolio
  • Specialisation +20 years +185k live portfolio under management


  • A single interlocutor that centralises all the steps related to procurement activity.
  • A single invoice to reduce administrative formalities and provide greater control over invoicing.
  • Automation of processes that provide security, agility in management and the capacity to manage a large volume of procedures efficiently and reliably.
  • Complete control of legal information and data quality.

Our client’s challenges, our opportunity to continue collaborating


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4 models of procurator networks

ASSISTO procedural representation by solicitors on site for a personalised relationship with clients and courts.

ABA sole proxy solicitor for special litigation and special relevance.

pfs sole authorised procurator for quality management of large volume portfolios.

Procura Online instant procurator contracting through a web platform


Procedural Audit

We extract and process procedural data to provide valuable information to facilitate decision-making on procedural strategy:

  • Preparation of a procedural map of the active portfolio by type of procedure, milestone and amounts claimed.
  • Identification of the commercial relationship contract applicable to each solicitor.
  • Integration of data from corporate client platform or data model and ad hoc analytics.

Procedural Substitution

Average of 35k annual procedural substitutions with 45% reduction of deadlines compared to the usual average. Our methodology:

  • RPA automation of process tasks: generation of pleadings, presentation on the judicial platform, downloading, classification and sending of client proof of presentation.
  • Process of impulse substitutions according to criteria of place and volume of proceedings in the portfolio.
  • Possibility of negotiation with solicitors according to the procedural status by type of procedure and settlement proposal.