Litigation experts anticipating and resolving conflicts

Our commitment to make a difference, specialisation and end-to-end service

Management and resolution of claims and lawsuits in the financial, insurance and consumer sectors. We advise our clients with a 360º approach aimed at reducing management costs and avoiding reputational risks.

360º Legal Management
Advising on procedural strategy and management + process development + software implementation + legal representation


Our experience as a law firm with more than 120k proceedings under management allows us to advise on the most appropriate procedural strategy according to the characteristics of the portfolio and judicial district. We act as legal management and solicitors with national coverage.

We collaborate in the definition of processes for the efficient management of large volumes of claims and lawsuits, we rely on a multidisciplinary team and the use of automation, digital platforms and proprietary software to ensure operational excellence and optimisation of resources.


  • Improve the ratio of out-of-court and out-of-court settlements by 20-30%.
  • Reduce management costs and increase operational efficiency by automating processes.
  • Integrated pre-judicial, judicial and extrajudicial management team.
  • Increase the percentage of favourable rulings through specialised teams of lawyers.
  • Reduce the cost of operational risk.
  • Reduce the economic impact of sentencing for costs.

We are commited to extrajudicial solutions as the first option

Claims Management

Mixed team of lawyers and managers to analyse judicial viability, client profile and opposing party, to determine the type of negotiated solution. Phases of intervention:

  • Receipt and processing of claims.
  • Determination, judicial viability and scope of the conviction.
  • Identification of the client profile and opposing party.
  • Definition of the settlement proposal – solution matrix.
  • Negotiation between the client and the opposing party.
  • Certification of the proposed terms and judicial approval of the agreement.

Procedural strategy vs extrajudicial management methodology

We collaborate with our clients in the definition and development of procedural strategies and associated processes to optimise the performance of the legal advice or practice area.

  • Identify and analyse the history of claims and litigation portfolios, management workflows, document management and support tools.
  • Define strategies based on information inputs and decision outputs.
  • Development of management methodology = operational processes + resources + systems.

Economic impact and operational cost

Analysis of litigation portfolios to detect reductions in expected loss costs and provision.

  • Traceability of appropriations to determine reliability of recorded data and identify amounts of completed claims.
  • Detect improper seizures.
  • Analysis of ageing and statute of limitations of litigation portfolios to recover provisions.
  • Cost awards vs management defects.
  • Connection of related risks derived from the claimant’s default situation.

Integral Legal Service

Legal advice and procedural representation:

  • Analysis of procedural and substantive exceptions, together with jurisprudential criteria for each court.
  • Review of documentation.
  • Drafting of legal report and procedural strategy.
  • Response to the claims.
  • Preparation of appearances.

Communication coordinated and directed by the same team made up of a lawyer, solicitor and agreement manager.

Automation and digitalisation of processes

Our own technological solutions for legal management:

  • A proactive procedural management platform for legal proceedings.
  • Collaborative solutions for document review and communication management.
  • Application for the management of mass proceedings.
  • Reading and automated processing of judicial notifications.
  • Smart calculator for the assessment of costs.
  • RPA: payment of court fees, tracking of consignment accounts, alerts for lawyers, preparation of pleadings, etc.
  • Software for managing powers of attorneys.
  • Digital signature and certification of communications.
  • AI and Machine Learning in data extraction and information processing.