Judicial Recovery focused on maximising results

Specialised integral service

Nationwide coverage in the advice and exercise of all types of legal actions for the recovery of amounts and assets. Lawyers and solicitors specialised in secured, unsecured and legal reorganisation procedures.

Team specialisation + process automation = high management capacities in an agile manner and with high quality standards

We personalise our service, according to the requirements and management needs of each client, using our own technological solutions that help us to transform processes to make them more agile and efficient.

We analyse each case to establish the best management strategy and type of procedure to be used. Throughout the procedure we use out-of-court negotiation as a lever to reach an agreement and anticipate the recovery of the debt.


  • Single interlocution, centralising all communications and notifications with the legal management of each procedure.
  • Our own applications and technology that allow us to automate processes that provide security and agility in the judicial management of the proceedings.
  • A single system that allows:
    • Compilation of all the documentation and information processed.
    • Proactive management of procedures through the control of milestones and tasks.
    • Supervision, cooperation and intervention of different roles.
    • Total visibility of the portfolio through personalised dashboards to improve decision making.
    • review costs through data extraction and information quality.

Guaranteed efficiency and rigour in the service of the entire debt recovery process

Some of the sectors we work for

Judicial management

Specialised legal team + Processes + Technology = Efficiency We define the management strategy according to the needs of the portfolio and client, and we provide legal management and solicitor services nationwide.

  • Mortgage foreclosure | Legal reorganisation | Monitories
  • Verbal/Ordinary | Bankruptcy | Exchange | ETJ | ETNJ

Extra-judicial management

Pre-agreements and parallel out-of-court negotiation throughout the procedure, especially in the procedural impulses that facilitate dialogue and the search for a negotiated solution.

Team of specialised managers and lawyers working in coordination to establish actions and shape negotiation arguments.

Legal reorganisation

We complete the recovery process, providing greater value for the marketing of adjudicated properties.

  • Management of property ownership, purging of registry situations and encumbrances.
  • Evictions and occupations associated with foreclosures.
  • Management of leases, legal assistance in procedures for claiming amounts and evictions.

Analysis and preparation of documents

We guarantee the quality of the data, validating and processing the information, so that it is centralised in a single system, and always available and up to date.