Chatbots, humanised hyper-automation

DRUID AI assistants are designed to save time and money through conversational automation while improving the user experience.


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot allows internal or external users to access virtually any data or document within the company through a common conversational channel such as whatsapp, telegram, slack, messenger, skype, etc.

Establish a direct channel for the users of your chats (customers, suppliers and collaborators) with the systems through a text or voice chat channel that interacts with most of the core business applications, automating the attention and speeding up the response time.


Benefits they bring:

  Answers in record time and without talking
It has a higher response rate
Projects a better service image
Improves user satisfaction and user experience
Automate tasks/queries by relying on technologies such as SQL, aPIS, robots or other technologies.

Main features

  • Oriented for any type of internal and external users.
  • Use of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology prepared for different businesses.
  • Native multi-language support.
  • Designed for business productivity with high scalability, customised deployments and conversational apps.
  • Enable easy integration with technology partners and any system.
  • Provide pre-trained, ready-made conversations that cover common automation cases across multiple industries, processes or roles.
  • Different deployment options (SaaS, on-premises and hybrid) to ensure information security.

pfs is a partner of Druid AI technology

What is Druid AI?

Druid is a conversational automation platform:

  • AI-based, designed for business productivity, targeting hyper-automation.
  • No-code development platform.
  • DRUID AI virtual assistants save time and money through conversational automation while improving the user experience.
  • Multitenant, which offers powerful tools to generate, train, evaluate, manage, deploy and connect virtual assistants to any enterprise system.
  • Offers a choice of more secured clouds, on-premises or hybrid deployment options.
  • Seamlessly integrates with over 500 technoolgies, including native integration with UiPath’s suite of hyper-automation products.

Features :


Visual flow designer with drag-and-drop palette allows authors to build complex conversations with a couple of clicks.


Entity and bot diagrams allow authors to easily debug conversations and create the bot data model.


Advanced evaluation tool for data scientists and business users to build and improve the NLP/NLU model.


Comprehensive solution library includes ready-made solutions with hundreds of integrated business skills.


Suitable for any communication channel, internal or external, including voice, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, MS Teams and more.


Advanced live chat with human agents featuring real-time automations on the agent side while it is in the chat.

Use cases

DRUID offers +500 process-oriented conversational AI skills.



Healthcare assistant

online triage · waiting room · covid detection · onboarding

40%-55% streamlines the process

My account

360 account · EMR · personal data update

45%-60% reduce turnaround times

Live Chat

multi chat · refer to individuals · refer to teams

10%-25% reduce operational costs

Customer service

FAQ · services and prices · locate a doctor/clinic · appointment management

30%-45% faster delivery of value

Support and management

Approve capex/opex, contracts · salary increments · T&E management...

40%-50% improved productivity



capture leads · product info · prices · discounts · promotions · calculator

Up to 95% of productivity to reduce internal consultation times

My account

favourite products · my portfolio · order history · returns · reviews · warranties · coupons

45%-60% reduce response times


order tracking · e-payment

30%-45% increase response times

Customer service

FAQ · chat · ticket management · complaints · returns · satisfaction surveys

20%-35% increase customer satisfaction

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