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Save time and quality in your services by calculating your legal fees with little effort.

We improve your efficiency with ultra-fast appraisal calculations.

We help you to avoid making mistakes in the calculation of legal costs and to apply the criteria properly thanks to our powerful LTasaciones® tool, the only tool on the market that is completely updated in the calculation of costs for all the criteria of all the Spanish Bar Associations.

Advantages of using LTasaciones

  • You avoid your reputation being affected by challenges and incorrect calculations. In addition to the economic cost involved.
  • You do not offer your client a bad service by investing in a time consuming and cumbersome search and application of criteria.
  • You save valuable time in calculations by avoiding having an incorrect amount due to a calculation error, which saves you from contesting costs.
  • You enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the result is correct: in addition to the result, we give you a breakdown of how it was calculated and why. This way you can verify that the calculation is correct in a very simple way.
  • Up-to-date information: we have all the up-to-date information on all the Colleges and the history of criteria available together with their evolution since 1999.
  • We take care of your professional image. You can verify that the calculation is correct before the court

Stop wasting time trying to calculate costss by hand and invest it in your work

Get to know our tool, the plans we have and, if you need it, ask for a free appointment with an expert to solve your doubts and see a live demo of the product.


Calculation of Legal Costs

We were contacted by a client who was particularly concerned about the cost calculation due to a bad experience and the consequences of doing a wrong calculation.

The client, the law firm Andrés Díaz Barbero, hired the tool and, since then, makes its appraisals with LTasaciones enjoying the maximum reliability.

“Since I was told about a bad experience with the calculation of costs, I realised that I could not afford any mistake. The risk of being challenged is always there because you don’t know if you are really doing it right.”

Law Offices of Andrés Díaz Barbero


Calculation of Court Costs

The lawyer Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Llopis needed to make his time more efficient due to the high number of valuations he managed on a daily basis. He decided to count on LTasaciones as a partner in the calculation of the appraisal of legal costs to be able to dedicate his time to other important tasks, without losing quality in his work.

“Thanks to this tool I have been able to manage a large volume of appraisals in a very short time. It’s just a click of a button and you get the result. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that the calculation is correct.”

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Llopis