Atenea® comprehensive management of real estate assets

Your solution for global and efficient real estate asset management

Bring efficiency to your real estate asset management with a tool that covers the entire real estate cycle as well as facilitating the exploitation of large real estate portfolios and the marketing of properties.

Atenea®, has different components that you can customise to your needs to complete the entire life cycle of the management of your properties and, thus, reduce the time to market and accelerate the return on investment.



  • Asset focused management and KPI’s with a 50% reduction in time to market.
  • More than 30% in administrative cost savings in the management of documents, expenses and obligations, suppliers, invoices.
  • Full integration with SAP, CRMs and back-office ERPs.
  • State-of-the-art technologies and modular architecture based on microservices.
  • Automatic document reading capabilities integrated with real estate operations.
  • Online management of real estate legal procedures.

Key aspects of Atenea®

Integrated management

End-to-end functional coverage of all management points in the life of the assets.


Its agile functional architecture allows it to adapt to new customer requirements. Multi-Client and Multi-Management.



Thanks to its global reporting, you will have management information at all times.


Traceability in the “states” of the asset and the management carried out that derive in the economic control of the asset.

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