Reaching your goals together
Our team is comprised of professionals with a 40-year banking experience who have held management positions in risk, internal audit and branch networks. Providing us with a broad perception and understanding of your needs, as well as an absolute mastery of the best performing techniques, procedures’ knowledge and of the most effective and successful organizational models.

Our motto “Reaching your goals together”, reflects our philosophy of creating projects tailored to our clients’ needs.

We have developed a specific methodology based on our professional experience; allowing us to offer custom-made solutions for each line of business.

Area dedicated to credit risk and regulatory news as well as monthly bulletins on credit investment, overdue payment and global economic development.

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Consulting services

There are no ‘‘standard’ projects for PFS; each one is a new challenge approached with the assurance provided by our consulting team’s experience and strength. We therefore also consider fundamental to carry out a monitoring and follow-up process of the project’s implementation.


We offer the only credit risk management software solution on the market that has been developed with an end-to-end management view. This programme is called Recovery. It is the result of the best banking practices built up by our professionals’ experience who have worked in bank management for more than 40 years.


As important as having trained teams is to have their knowledge and expertise accredited. At PFS we have the experience of Certifying professionals in many areas, what helps to avoid overloading the branch networks hence optimizing the training effort.

Legal Management

As experts with many years of professional experience, we can help you from our Legal Procedure Management Centre in many areas regarding legal debt claims and repossessions, always aiming for the fastest yet financially most advantageous recovery

Specialized Back Office

PFS has highly trained staff that carry out high value-added Back Office work. Our main objective is to ensure the consistency and uniqueness (approval, finalisation and upload to systems). We also secure the existence and quality of the collateral gains obtained and make sure these are appropriately documented in order to optimise provisions and cash flow.


Reaching your goals together

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